Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time of Preparation and Joy

Our Advent Calendar contains reminders each day that Christmas is coming. Counting down the days to Christmas is a fun way to build up the excitement of the holiday. Advent Calendars are a great way, especially for young children whose concept of time is so different from ours, to provide a great visual for them to understand the passage of time. Starting today, as a family we will check the little shelves of our calendar for a daily reminder and a small treat. This year, William helped me come up with several activities to add to our already busy December. This Advent Calendar has the promise to not only provide wonderful whimsy but also keep us on track this busy holiday season!

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Every Advent Calendar has the potential to be as unique as the family who created it. We’d love to see yours!


  1. What a great advent calendar. My MIL quilted one for my daughter but only has 14 pockets...so we will start hers on the 10th.

  2. This is awesome! I have been on the search for an Advent calendar that isn't all about Santa and I love this idea. Do you sell this on your scrap site?
    BTW...Votre Vu goodies are in the mail. Please excuse the label....spaced out at the PO and put SC's name instead of yours first. :)

  3. Very cute! I love it. Did you make or find the box? and thanks for visiting my blog!


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